Glad to have you in my network.

Glad to have you in my network.

I hope you read my proposal with good understanding, Thank you.

My name is Mr.Jin Yuk Cheung , I am the senior manager for Procurements, Hong
Kong Refining Company (Sinopec Group Inc) I have been mandated to source
crude oil from Libya for supply to our refineries. I have been able to establish good relationship with the senior management of the Azzawya Oil Refining Company of Libya.

I am now looking for a competent trusted middle person male or female. To stand in between the Hong Kong Refining Company and the Azzawya Oil Refining Company of Libya for the sale and purchase of 2 Million Barrels Monthly for 36 Months, The order to take home a commission of 5 to 7 USD per barrel. This amount is payable to the middle person as commission.

Kindly know that I will give you my official email address as soon as you respond including full details of operations, that will be determine your competence to deal.

Best Regards
Mr. Jin Yuk Cheung
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